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10 Creative Ways to Give Back

Posted on Jan 29, 2022

There are a few things that come to our minds as we traverse along this earth, more so as we grow older. There is a limitation on what we can do and what we want to do. It also dawns on us that each of us have only two hands – one that we can use it to help ourselves whilst the other one we could possibly use it to help others.

Giving back is something that we can do to save lives and can be done together in groups or on your own.

Here are some possible ways to give back to the community, done alone or with friends and family:-

  1. Donate blood: Blood donations received from the public keep the blood bank at a good reserved level to help people who are in need. As such, people in need of blood transfusions could either buy it or get it for free, depending on the circumstances. When you donate blood, you just might save a life as there are many different blood types in our bodies with the ‘O’ blood as an unique and important type. ‘O’ type blood is a universal donor -meaning just about anybody can receive it. It is important in treating accident victims in emergencies as usually, there is no time to determine the blood type of the patient. Donating blood is not just good for the blood bank and patient - it is also good for you the donor as the process triggers your body to generate new blood cells and hence detoxify the body in general.

  2. Volunteer or visit an old folk’s home: Staying at an old folk’s home can be boring, lonely and draining as the person do the same activities for weeks on end and occasion visits could brighten the day of the elderlies living there. Just sitting and chatting with the elderly bring cheers to them as some of these people have lived lonely lives for a long time. Some of these older folks can provide some unique insight of the world and can offer a different perspective to many topics that they have excelled and experienced. Some of them can also give very good advice, should you take time to listen and ponder on their words.

  3. Natural disaster relief: We live in a world where nature is unpredictable. While Malaysia is reasonably safe from most natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and typhoons, it is still vulnerable to floods due to rain and the monsoon seasons. You can help by donating to the disaster relief fund or if you have more in your hands you can give some time to volunteer with organizations like the Red Cross and Red Crescent in helping with the victims after the disaster.

  4. Support social enterprises: Whilst we go about purchasing goods and services in our living from commercial houses, such habits can be harnessed into supporting social enterprises which offer some of these goods and service. Our purposeful support to these efforts will help not only giving a lifeline to these marginalized people, but it also gives them a sense of achievement and “independence” when they can earn a living. Explore options in Life2Life which offers services for your household needs, as well as gift ideas.

  5. Help the homeless: There are many causes to homelessness which can be out of the control of the people faced with homelessness. It is important to respect them and not view them less than important due to their circumstances. One of the most practical way to help them is to give them travel-size hygiene products. However, to assist this special group of people, it is best to contact a homeless organization to find out effective ways to assist them to bring about positive changes to their lives.

  6. Help your neighbors: It is always said that no man is an island and who else to help than the people living around us who are just a few steps away from our doors. You can help your neighbors with simple things like babysitting or offer to run errands for them when they have an emergency. Be friendly and greet your neighbors whenever you see them as these are great ways to bond and deepen your relationship with them. You’ll never know they just might get you out of a pinch sometime in the future.

  7. Donate your hair: Surprising as it sounds, you can donate your hair. Do you have long unbleached hair and are thinking it is time to shorten it? Then this is the one for you! Hair which is donated can be used to create wigs for people who have lost them due to prolonged medical treatments especially cancer patients. This condition is seen in both adults and children. Think about putting a smile on someone’s face the next time you consider trimming off the long tresses.

  8. Be a virtual volunteer: Do you want to help but don’t want to or are unable to leave your home? You can volunteer online with the help of sites like or and many others, depending on your own inner calling. Many people living today may be subjected to injustice or separation from their loved ones due to political or social unrest. These displaced people need help to survive and something to look forward to in the future. You can help with different causes such as media & broadcasting, children education, contribute articles, volunteer in disaster relief and even help in emergency & safety.

  9. Pick up trash: Littering is a very habit which is unfortunately something which is still prevalent. Picking up trash around may not seem like much but it’s a simple and effective method of giving back. You can help with community clean-ups or even help in organizing the clean-up event itself. Most important of all, refrain from any act of littering starting from home and places that you work or visit, help to educate people whom you encounter and keep your surroundings spick and span.

  10. Just be friendly: Above all, the best way to give back is just to be a nice person - put a smile on your face and treat everyone equally with respect.

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